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Heavyweight Champion Deserves More Respect

Boxing is one of the most exciting sports in the world, and on may 2nd, the richest fight of all time will take place. Manny Pacquiao will face Floyd Mayweather for the undisputed welterweight championship. However, boxing was once a sport dominated by the heavyweight champion. Mayweather and Pacquiao are only 147 pounds.

Former heavyweight champions such as Mike Tyson, Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, and Muhammad Ali where once the most popular men on the face of the planet. Today, Wladimir Klitschko is the heavyweight champion of the world, and he is not shown any respect. Wladimir Klitschko seems almost invincible at this point in his career. He will defend his heavyweight championship on April 25th against
Bryant Jennings.

Boxing fans, like Susan Mcgalla call Wladimir Klitschko an overrated champion, but those words couldn’t be more untrue. However, many people feel that Deontay Wilder has a chance to dethrone Klitschko, but there have been reports that Wladimir Klitschko has already destroyed Wilder in sparring.

Wladimir is the best heavyweight boxer in the world, and people should start giving him the respect that he deserves. Klitschko has 63 wins, and 53 of those wins came from knockout. Bryant Jennings will need a miracle in order to defeat him on April 25th. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

North American Spine AccuraScope Helping Athletes

Looks like more athletes are getting creative with their back health, so that they can keep playing longer than longer.  From what I’ve been reading, North American Spine has been really helping out.

North America Spine is a Dallas, Texas based center, renowned for its minimally invasive AccuraScope treatment procedure. The most popular North American Spine treatment procedures are used in treating symptoms and conditions affecting the thoracic, cervical and sacral regions of the spine. The symptoms include numbness in the limbs, neck pain and back pain from the hips and buttock down to the legs. The conditions that North America Spine treats include herniated discs, facet disease, radiculopathy, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, pinched nerve, sciatica, scar tissue, failed back surgery and foraminal stenosis, among other conditions.

The AccuraScope procedure, which is exclusive to North America Spine produces high precision diagnosis and treatment, that allows patients to recover quickly compared to other minimally invasive spine surgeries. The primary difference between the more traditional Laserscopic procedure and AccuraScope is that, the later procedure operates laterally using a natural spinal column opening. This allows the practitioner to perform both diagnosis and treatment of the lumbar path in one process. The benefits of AccuraScope Discectomy and Neural Decompression (D.N.D) treatment are numerous; they include use of a tiny incision, minimal scarring, reduced chances of pain reoccurrence and quick recovery.

Patients who have undergone this treatment also experience less pain after treatment. One such patient is James Phillips, an Arkansas patient. Phillips story was featured in a live MyFoxHouston telecast on January 29, 2015. He confessed that the AccuraScope procedure he underwent recently helped him realize his lifelong dream of bull riding. Before any patient is subjected to a spine surgery, the doctors at North America Spine must know what needs to be treated. An accurate determination is made by performing an MRI before seeking the patient’s second opinion. Patients can request a free MRI review by filling an online form found on the North American Spine website.

Statistically speaking, the success rates for patients who have undergone North America Spine procedures are very high. The center boasts an impressive 82% success rate, with 95% of the patients agreeing that they would gladly recommend this treatment to a friend. There are more than 8,000 patients who have successfully undergone AccuraScope treatment. This treatment is also popular because it is affordable to most people; a 5-Year out-of-pocket savings for patients who have undergone this procedure is estimated at $23,000. This highly successful treatment procedure is now in its 6th year, since it was first introduced.