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Supporting The Dallas Community

Recently, after sniper attacks left the Dallas, Texas, Police force crippled with the loss and wounding of officers who are friends, family, and fellow parents, the banking community decided to raise funds for to help wounded officers and those family members who have lost loved ones. NexBank, with their fellow banking organizations, have pledged monies to the Dallas Police Fund. The fund is organized by the Dallas Police Association and will be used to offer funds immediately to families of wounded or slain officers, helping offset burial or medical bills.

CEO and President of NexBank, John Holt, has stated that the outpouring of support for the Police community is overwhelming and members of the Dallas community are proud to take care of their own. NexBank continues in their long standing tradition of helping the local community in times of need. NexBank has been servicing the Dallas, Texas, community since the origin of their banking charter in 1922. Though NexBank has been expanding their services to customers around the world with a whole list of online services, the employees have a firm grasp on the concepts of helping their neighbors and giving back to the community. To read more about the services NexBank offers, please click here.