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Bruno Fagali: One of Brazil’s Brightest Compliance Officers and Attorney

For those who know Bruno Fagali, they mostly describe him as a man who love to give and give. Those who have been lucky to have him represent him can attest that this is indeed true. He is one of those lawyers who is all about the people and this is reflected in his service fees. He is one of the most affordable lawyers in Brazil. This being the case, he has helped so many small sized businesses achieve success in their legal representation.

Fagali’s career started in the business industry. Even in business, he would find loop holes to help people who were in need. He however felt that he could do more, for the people, as a lawyer. And that is what got him to apply for a scholarship which admitted him to one of the best Universities in the area, to take a law degree from the Sao Paulo’s Pontifical Catholic University.

From there, Fagali sat for his BAR examination and passed. He was licensed and began practicing as an internist. He had the privilege of gaining real life experience working for some of the best companies in Sao Paulo. In the year 2012, he got employed as a lawyer at Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia. This was the last stop before he founded Fagali Advocacy which would allow him work as an independent lawyer.

Other than working at Fagali Advocacy, Fagali also works for Nova/sb where he is the Corporate Integrity Manager. Nova/bis one of the leading advertising companies in the country. At the firm, he is responsible for ensuring that the firm is in compliance with both internal and external laws. Fagali has taken lingual courses in French, Spanish and Portuguese and hopes that this will help him reach a wider niche.