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Talkspace Bridges the Distance Most Feel through Social Media

Talkspace is an app that brings your typical therapy session to your laptop or phone. With our world ever advancing toward online interactions, receiving text messages from your therapist is now a reality. Talkspace has now connected over 500,000 clients to 1,000 professionals.

Talkspace has several plans someone interested can choose from. Paying $32 dollars weekly will allow you one chat daily with a professional. $39 dollars gives the patient two chats daily. While subscribing $49 dollars weekly will allow the same two chats weekly, but an additional 30 minute live video session once a month.

Talkspace is opening up opportunities for individuals who may have never been able make it to a therapist. Often times being confined to a certain area or having a physical disability without the necessary mobile resource limits the forms of healthcare you can receive. With Talkspace this is now an issue of the past.

Another benefit of Talkspace is confidentiality and reducing the stigma of help. Therapist don’t know the individuals by name, only what they need to know to help. Each client is anonymous when speaking a professional. Often people feel that having someone they hire helping them sort through issues is a sign of weakness. The clients of Talkspace are stronger than they think. It is a strength to be able to say you need help. And now people who in the past may have been shy are getting the help they need.

Using Talkspace text therapy is simple and effective. With more and more people feeling distant and alone through social media, this was really a need. People are now on their phones more than any time before. Now something positive is on the social media scene to help people sort through issues, not just photos. Talkspace is a life saver.