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Moving Masses with Ricardo Tosto

Brazil which is also known as the Federative Republic of Brazil and it is the fifth world’s largest country by area and population. Brazil happens to be the largest, one and only country in the Latine America to have Portuguese as an official language. It lines all other South American countries except Chile and Ecuador. It is among the 17 mega diverse countries with a great environmental heritage, in covers about 50 percent of the continental area.

Brazil got its independence in 1822 governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system with was a result of the empire of Brazil. As a result of approval of the first constitution in the year 1824, it led to the agreement of a bicameral legislature currently known as the National Congress. In 1988 Brazil formulated their current law which defines it as a democratic federal republic.

The Brazilian law is based on Roman-Germanic tradition with civil law prevail over common law. The Brazilian Constitution establishes five different police agencies for law enforcement.It has the highest court as the Supreme Federal Court, and Jurisdiction rendered by the judiciary. Studying law in Brazil is prestigious and more promising in the country with a duration of five years.

However while studying in a law school you, cannot exercise the profession until you graduate. In 2007 Lawyers in Brazil earned an average income of R$36,120 per year. From statistics done in 2010, prosecutors in Brazil were 621,885 with the State of Sao Paulo leading in their population giving Ricardo Tosto a challenge so as to be up to the game.

However, if you were to seek a solution on matters concerning litigation in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto is a reliable figure, and you can count on him. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho in the firm he works with, he is a prominent lawyer and a market leader. From his experience, Ricardo works in an organized and efficient manner in cases such as mass litigation.