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John Goullet – Highly Talented IT Recruiter and Head of Diversant LLC

John Goullet is known as one of the pioneers in the IT recruitment sector, and the IT recruitment and staffing solutions that he has innovated and implemented for his clients continue to be the benchmark in the IT industry till date. He started out as an IT consultant in the industry and worked for many IT firms in the first few years of his career. Some of the companies John Goullet used to work for are TSR Technology, Piscataway, Cap Gemini, and more.

However, while working for some of these top IT companies, he noticed that there is a dearth of IT talent in the industry and most of the companies are always looking for more IT consultants and executives to no avail, or with great difficulty. It is for this reason, John Goullet decided to switch to the IT recruitment and staffing industry, and in just a few months of leaving a full-time job, started his own IT recruitment and staffing firm named Info Technologies.

The company managed to scale great heights of success in a short period and also won some of the Fortune 500 companies as its clients, which helped the firm to grow and expand at an exponential pace. The firm did extremely well in the field and was known as the market leader in the IT recruitment sector in a short period. The company also devised unique recruitment strategies for its clients that helped the clients to get top talent quickly and also assisted in reducing the attrition rate in their organization.

However, the IT sector went through transformation and evolution in the next few years and witnessed the emergence of many new players in the business. John Goullet understood that for Info Technologies to continue to lead from the front and keep the competitive advantage over its counterpart, a merge is essential. It is for this reason Info Technologies merged with Diversant LLC, where John Goullet holds the post of Principal Executive at present. He helps the firm to gain new accounts and implements strategic business development measures that help the company to expand and grow at a consistent pace in this competitive IT sector.

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Online Reputation Management: Why It’s Important

These days customers have access to a lot of information. Among the information they have access to are businesses. They look up all types of businesses they are interested in to see how ethical they are. In other words, they want to know whether or not they are safe to shop at the business. Customers these days are trying to protect themselves because there are some businesses that could cause a lot of trouble for the customer. Therefore, it is very important for the business owner to show people that he is someone that can be trusted to do business with.
Fortunately, as important as online reputation management is, it is also simple. The most important aspect of online reputation management is what appears on the front page of search engines. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the only pieces of information that are on the front page of search results are those that are good news. The front page of search results is where the most authoritative and trustworthy sources of information are placed. Therefore, one has to make sure that there is only positive information or news about events.

There are ways to manage online reputation, it involves review sites like, consumer reviews among other things. One thing the online business owner could do is use customer reviews to his advantage. He could do this by encouraging satisfied customers to write reviews about the company. It is very important to encourage honesty in the review so that they could write how they feel. As a result, there will be a regular stream of good reviews from the customer. This will attract more customers because of how good the reputation is. As a result, customers will feel safe around the business owner, and the business owner will profit greatly from his business.


Sam Tabar On Commodities Investment

All commodities experts know that in order to succeed in commodities investment, people have to put in ample amount of research. This is what separates successful commodities traders from those that fail. Putting good amount of research can solve half the problems of beginner traders and it is a trick that even veterans like Sam Tabar recommend. The NYC based financial strategist and attorney is known for investing in commodities that yield well but it is not a fluke that his decisions work out so well for him.

Here are some things Sam Tabar would like to share about commodities investment –

Watch Out For Poorly Managed Funds – The number one reason for sunk commodities is bad management. A number of funds have been plagued by mismanagement that has ultimately led to a lot of losses for investors. In order to avoid this, problem products should be set aside and they can be spotted from a mile away by looking at their management scores. The 75% fall of UNG and USO’s decline can all be accounted for by badly managed funds, says Sam Tabar on his Instagram. It is always better to look towards safer options when it comes to commodities trading.

Trust The Numbers – Veteran traders often forget about the basics when they have spent some years in the commodities market. The number do not lie and every change has an explanation attached to it. Instead of blindly picking commodities, people should go back to basics and work out the numbers. This would not only make them better traders but will also help them avoid losses to a large extent. Crunching the numbers is something Sam Tabar recommends because it also helps with other important things like prediction and forecasting, he’s said as much in his Vimeo videos before.

Your Gut Instinct Is Reliable – After years of working in the field of finance, Sam Tabar has developed a gut instinct. He always listens to this instinct and when something feels wrong, he trusts himself to make the right decision. However, people make the mistake of overestimating their instinct. In the field of finance, an instinct is developed after years of experience and practical knowledge. It cannot be replaced by anything else. Deciding whether one’s instinct is worth banking on is something of a subjective decision that should not be made lightly. After all, one bad call is the difference between success and failure.

Look For Reliability – Sam Tabar invested in THINX because it was reliable. Also, the message of the underwear brand and its final goal was something that could be understood by everyone – changing the lives of underprivileged women. Sam Tabar wants people to look for such reliability when they get into the field of commodity investment.  He’s also interested in their charitable message though, which is why Sam set up a GoFundMe account to do his own work.

All these tips by Sam Tabar would greatly help people in their quest for success in the commodities market.

Advancements Made By Shaygan Kheradpir in Business and Technology Sectors

Shaygan Kheradpir is an executive that is well versed in the area of business and technology. He boasts of an experience that spans more than 28 years. Presently, Shaygan serves as the chairman of the board besides the chief executive officer of Coriant. It is a leading and proven provider of innovative networking solutions to biggest network operators in more than 100 countries. Some of the clients that Coriant serves include 9 out of the top 10 world Tier 1 service providers in communication.
Shaygan spent his childhood in Iran although he was born in London. His father was a medical doctor, specializing in nose, throat, and ear problems. Shaygan moved to the United States for his university studies. He joined Cornell University to study electrical engineering. He graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelors, masters, and PhD in electrical engineering. His educational background has played a considerable role in the way Shaygan comes up with various strategies that have proven beneficial to the various companies that he has previously worked for.
Apart from Coriant, Shaygan has had successful spells at different companies like GTE, Verizon, Barclays and Juniper Networks. He pioneered innovative products in the technology and financial companies that rendered his services. Shaygan has the rare ability to fit in a company quickly. This ability has seen him utilize teams to create different solutions for the companies that have enlisted his services in the past. In essence, Shaygan hits the ground running immediately he is assumes office in a new company. Shaygan recalls that his first job was at GTE Labs, Boston. He started in network routing department and within no time, he was elevated to be the head of the software systems lab due to his exemplary work and ability to produce innovative systems. Working as the head of software systems lab, Shaygan assembled a team of experts that strategized on the ways of growing the business.

One of the outstanding achievements that the team and Shaygan made was developing the Telephone Operations Networks Integrated Control System (TONICS). The development of TONICS enabled GTE to deliver services to clients in an efficient way. Shaygan also restructured the core systems of the company by modernizing them thus achieving the cost reduction objective. His career success continued to illuminate even after GTE merged with Bell Atlantic. Shaygan was promoted to be the president for the e-commerce unit of the company.

He was also appointed as the chief information officer within a short period after Verizon was formed. Verizon came into being after the merger between GTE and Bell Atlantic. He used the same strategy that he had previously applied at GTE of consolidating expert teams in order to develop consumer oriented products. His strategy led in the development of FiOS that offered Verizon a competitive edge given that it predicated future trends in the market.

Shaygan transformed Verizon from a small area telephone company to a leader in the broadband communication sector. At Barclays, Shaygan led in the development of revolutionary products like Pingit. Shaygan is a transformative leader. He continues to create innovative consumer-oriented products.