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Lacey and Larkin Expose a Crooked Man

I am proud that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have dedicated their time to take the battle to Sheriff Joe Arpaio and expose all the evil crimes that he is guilty of committing. The vindictiveness and vengeful spirit of Sheriff Joe Arpaio can be detailed in a book as big as the Encyclopedia Britannica.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are not able to oppose Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the legal sense since neither of them are lawyers. They also cannot fight him in a lobbyist sense since neither of them are politicians. However, since they own several publications that span the country, they can use these to reveal how evil Sheriff Joe Arpaio is.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin fight daily to reveal the vast amounts of crimes the Sheriff Joe Arpaio is committing. He may call himself America’s Toughest Sheriff, but they know that in reality, he is the most brutal and unforgiving Sheriff that America has ever seen.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio shows his crooked heart by how awful he treats the inmates in his prison system. It is widely known that Sheriff Joe Arpaio humiliates new inmates by dressing them in ladies underwear. He does this because he actually wants the older inmates to treat these younger inmates as if they were girls and possibly even rape them in the prison cells.

Lacey and Jim also published in their newspapers the awful conditions that can be seen in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s jail cells. They showed how the security guards would routinely spread fecal matter on the walls and floors in order to shame the inmates. They also showed how the cafeteria would serve food beyond the expiration date which had moldy meat and rotten fruit.

They also showed in their newspapers how Sheriff Joe Arpaio was proud to run his own personal concentration camp. This concentration camp is known as Tent City. This Arizona jail will often rise to 135°F in the middle of the summer. Prisoners will often go into heatstroke from dehydration since they are denied water.

After they have sweated it out outside, they are brought in to be beaten by the security guards so that they are taught a lesson. We also have reports of mothers in labor being chained to their beds and denied the right to see a physician.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also showed in their newspapers how Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his jail system are responsible for various wrongful deaths. They show how many people were denied their medications and died as a result.

They showed how Hispanics were chained and suffocated. They even showed how there is an exponential rise in Hispanic suicides by hanging ever since Sheriff Joe Arpaio came onto the scene.

The report that would do in Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the report of him breaking the Constitution. Sheriff Joe Arpaio created a personal Army by deputizing citizens to racially profile Hispanics and Latinos. This violated the rights of Americans.

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James Larkin

“A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay.” That was one of James Larkins, also known as Jim, favourite phrases. Born January 21, 1876 in Liverpool, England Jim Larkin had very little education growing up.

His poor Irish parents had a lot of trouble making enough money to support their family. So, at a young age James Larkin went to work instead of school.

He worked in many manual jobs eventually ending up at the Liverpool docks as foreman. Jim was a socialist and believed very strongly that workers were not treated well and he was extremely committed to fixing that.

In 1905 he joined the National Union of Dock Labourers, or NUDL, and then became a full-time trade union organiser.

Two years later the NUDL became afraid of Jim Larkins methods and sent him to Dublin where he founded the Irish Transport and General Workers Union(ITGWU). Larkin wanted to have one union for all of Ireland’s industrial workers, not only the skilled but unskilled as well.

By the end of 1908 he had put together a political program that would greatly help the people in the ITGWU. That program included pensions for all workers at 60 years old and an eight hour work day.

Jim Larkin and James connolly worked together in 1912 to form the Irish Labor Party where he lead several strikes.

One of the most famous and significant strikes Jim lead was the Dublin Lockout in 1913. After almost eight months and more than 100,000 workers on strike they won the right to fair employment.

Jim Larkin never used violence in his strikes but instead had sympathetic strikes and boycotting of goods. He understood that destroying the businesses were not going to help the people but hurt them. Read more: James Larkin | Ireland Calling and Jim Larkin | Biography

When the First World War came Jim Larkin fought against that too. He held anti-war demonstrations in Dublin, asking Irishmen not to get involved. In 1914 he went to the United States for a lecture tour that did not go as planned.

Jim Larkin was convicted of communism in 1920 and sent to sing sing. After spending three years in sing sing he was pardoned in 1923 and deported back to Ireland.