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George Soros Matches To His Own Drummer

Whether you love him or hate him, George Soros is a man who marches to his own drummer. A vocal and energetic supporter of liberal and human rights causes, Soros continues to invest millions in organizations that empower the refugees, migrants, and under classes. He has been especially generous to groups that serve refugees, especially newcomers to Europe and the United States.

Their struggles are very real and very personal to Soros, who spent his childhood as a Jew during the Nazi invasion and occupation and later the Soviet invasion of Hungary. Even today, George Soros remains a bellwether funder of liberal and Democratic funding and one of America’s most powerful political operatives.

Soros has always used his enormous wealth and power to help the underdog. He has not only decided to help the helpless, he has also set up multiple organizations to spread democracy and fair play throughout the world on Soros has had a greater reach and influence in the political arena that anyone alive today.

Soros has used his billions to fund ever newer ways to bring power to the underpowered and underrepresented. His intellect, energy, and visionary leadership on has been combined with his wealth and power to achieve synergetic effect. For years after failing to prevent the re-election of George W. Bush, Soros slipped into a kind of semi-retirement.

Today, however, George Soros has rededicated himself in support of the causes and candidates on Politico that he holds dear.

After the 2016 campaign season, Soros supporters have split into small think-tank-like groups with each group devoted to one particular point of view on Forbes. Soros has not only empowered causes in the United States, but founded organizations throughout the world in defense of democracy. Soros organizations have been banned in Russian for “interference.”

Soros has no problem with self-confidence. In George Soros’ book, The Alchemy of Finance, he compared himself to, among others, God, the British economist John Maynard Keynes, and the physicist Albert Einstein. George Soros is determined to change the world into what he considers a better place.

George Soros Donated More Than $8 Million To Elect Hillary Clinton And He’s Not Done Donating

George Soros, the hedge fund investor, and multi-billionaire does not want the White House to be a Republican stronghold for the next four years. Soros spent more than $27 million of his vast fortune in 2004 to defeat George Bush, and when that didn’t work, he stopped donating that much money to political campaigns. But this year is different. Soros has donated more than $25 million in 2016 to elect Democrats on that are on local ballots in six states. Soros has donated more than $8 million to several super PACs that are Clinton backers. The rest of the money has been donated to several campaigns to elect House and Senate representatives as well as prosecutors in state elections.Soros is not the only wealthy donor that supports Clinton’s bid for president, according to an article published by The article mentioned Hollywood millionaire Haim Saban as well as Donald Sussman and Herb Sandler as well as other Democrats that want a Clinton win in November.

The Clinton campaign has received donations from several super PACs, and the people close to Soros say he’s ready to donate more money to make sure she is the next president. But Soros doesn’t limit his donations to Democrats in the United States. The Soros Open Society Foundation supports Democratic causes all over the world.

When Soros is not focused on Democratic issues, he spends a great deal of time attending economic summits and other forums that discuss the status of the global economy. Soros has been predicting a global recession for the last three years, and he believes the recession is now a reality. The European Union’s banking system is in trouble, and the recent news that Deutsche Bank is facing a $14 billion fine confirms the Soros prediction. If Deutsche Bank fails, the repercussions of that failure will ripple through the international financial system on But Soros believes China is still the main culprit that is instigating a worldwide recession. China has already put South American and Asian countries in recession mode, and the United States is just steps away from a negative GDP percentage.

At 86-years-old, Soros is still considered one of the best hedge fund managers on the planet. His family hedge fund has more than $25 billion in assets under management on The Soros fund recently made a huge investment in the gold market. The fund sold several high-revenue producing stocks and invested in the gold mining. When George Soros invests in an asset like gold, other investors know something big is going to happen and they invest with him.