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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Readies To Say Goodbye To The CEO Role Of Banco Bradesco SA

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is a well-known executive in the financial sector of Brazil as the CEO and President of Banco Bradesco SA, one of the leading banks in the Brazilian banking sector. He was the central figure all the strategies and growth of the firm for the last few decades and helped it to become the second-largest bank in the country by market value. As of late 2017, it is announced that Luiz Carlos Trabuco would resign from the role of CEO by March 2018, and the firm has started its search for new CEO to lead the company. Interestingly, he was selected as the Chairman of the banking firm in October 2017, when the-then Chairman, Lazaro de Mello Brandao, stepped down from the role.

This meant that Trabuco would continue to lead the firm as the CEO and Chairman until March 2018 when new CEO assumes the role. In a recent interview, he did not conclude any names to the role as the firm is in search for the suitable candidate. It has created a quite a buzz in the Brazilian financial industry as who will replace Trabuco in the role, and many names are circulating in the media. O Estado de, a Sao Paulo based newspaper, points out that Mauricio Minas, the VP of technology at the bank, is the most popular name in the list.

Since the banking firm has six vice presidents, every one of them has the probability of filling the vacancy. They are: Alexandre da Silva Glüher, VP of investor relations; Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, VP of credit and treasury; Josué Augusto Pancini, VP of whole service network as well as for Prime; André Rodrigues Cano, VP with charges of Human Resources; and Octavio of Lazari Junior, CEO of the insurance division of the bank, Bradesco Seguros according to While Glüher is considered as the most experienced with many acquisitions and integration expertise, Pancini has been one of the longtime holding vice presidents.

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Considering the banking firm follows a tradition of recruiting in-house Presidents, the VPs have the highest possible chances for the role. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco confirmed the changes that are going to be reflected on the Board of Directors of the bank. He said that the next CEO would not be occupied in the executive body of the bank. Also, the vacancy of Trabuco as the vice-president of the Council will be replaced by Carlos Alberto Guilherme, who reportedly started working with the bank at the age of 13.

While coming to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, he has more than four decades of experience in collaborating with Bradesco. In his long career, he assumed various leadership roles and led the firm transitioning to the trends in the market. Trabuco served as the Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Vice President, Department Director, and more at the bank during his career. Since March 2009, he was elevated to the CEO role of the firm and led the company in some critical acquisitions and integrations. Interestingly, Trabuco started his career as a clerk at the bank at the age of 22, in 1969.

Apart from leading the banking firm, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was also a member of ArcelorMittal Brasil board. He is also serving as the Director and President of Odontoprev since 2009. He was also the President of ANAPP – the association of private pension plans – and was the member of ABRASCA managing board. While coming to the education, Trabuco completed his graduation in Philosophy from the University of Sao Paulo in its Arts Faculty. Trabuco also secured his post-graduation from the School of Politics and Sociology – the University of Sao Paulo.

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How Sheldon Lavin has Contributed to the Success of OSI Group LLC

Not many accountants have achieved great success in food production industry like Lavin. After spending many years working as an investor and banker, Lavin decided to change his career to food processing. His journey to accomplish his dreams began when he facilitated financing for Otto and Sons Company when they wanted to launch a plant for processing meat. Otto and Sons was later changed to OSI Group LLC, where Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer.

As Lavin became more concerned with Otto and Sons Company, he began to look for investment opportunities in various continents. He was later enlisted as a partner and in 1970 he started activities that were meant to keep business excelling. Under his watch, OSI Group LLC has expanded through Europe, North America, Asia and South America.

As a seasoned accountant, Sheldon Lavin knew various ways he could use to be successful in business. Many people had succeeded in their business and Lavin knew that he could not be optional. Since he had gained experience managing properties worth millions of dollars, he had confidence that he could compete in the business world.

Sheldon Lavin’s Vision

When Sheldon was offering financial consultancy services to Otto and Sons Company, he realized that the company had many wasted opportunities. He believed that the firm would do well if its employees would give it good attention. He later developed a perfect plan that would boost the growth of the company. Nobody could think that the company could take over the American market and ultimately the whole world. This plan worked perfectly when Sheldon Lavin was appointed the Chief Executive officer. He started to invest in the company and managed it using the best skills he had gained over the years.

Expansion of Operations

After few decades Lavin has managed to expand the company operations more than he thought. The OSI Group is in more than 17 countries currently. It has more than 70 facilities strategically located in various parts of the world. This expansion challenged Sheldon to work harder and remain focused. Sheldon has not achieved yet. He is planning to offer his services to various parts of the world. There is also a new idea from clients that the company should include baked foods and vegetables. OSI Group will continue to shine under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin. This article is a must-read for all entrepreneurs who are planning to venture into food processing industry. Sheldon is no doubt a successful businessman willing to take food processing to greater heights

Adam Goldenberg – One Of The Most Successful Entrepreneurs In The United States In Fashion And Beauty Space

Adam Goldenberg is one of the most prominent entrepreneurs in the United States and is associated with many companies and sectors. Adam Goldenberg has been an entrepreneur from the young age of 15 when he started Gamers Alliance, a company that he later sold to the Intermix Media, a parent company of the MySpace. Soon after, he dropped out of high school and went on to join the Intermix Media, where Adam became Chief Operating Officer at the age of 20 and was named the youngest COO ever of a publicly traded corporation.

However, after the Intermix Media was taken over by the News Corporation in 2005, Adam Goldenberg left the company to start his entrepreneurial journey back. He stared Intelligent Beauty in collaboration with his old-time friend and colleague from the days of Intermix Media, Don Ressler. The Intelligent Beauty was an e-commerce brand incubator in the beauty and cosmetic space, and Adam and Don together created several groundbreaking beauty products that became popular with the target audience overnight. However, after achieving success in the beauty industry, Adam wanted to venture further into the fashion industry but wanted to do so in an unconventional manner, offering personalized and affordable shopping solution to the target audience at

And, this is what gave birth to JustFab Inc, which was recently renamed to TechStyle Fashion Group Inc. To make TechStyle Fashion Inc a transformational business, Adam Goldenberg hired the best styling, fashion and creative teams in the industry which would help transform the idea of Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler into the reality on One of the major support here was the addition of the Kimora Lee Simmons, who had her claim of success with Baby Phat and knew the fashion business inside out. Her expertise, skills and business acumen in the fashion niche helped Adam to realize what he wanted regarding transformational business in fashion niche, a reality. Soon, Kimora Lee Simmons became the creative director and President at the TechStyle Fashion Group and helped tremendously with taking the brand where it is today.

According to, TechStyle Fashion Group at present has four fashion brands under its belt, namely JustFab, FabKids, ShoeDazzle, and Fabletics. The company follows a subscription model, and present has a membership base of over 4 million VIP members. Adam Goldenberg is also a director at, which is a beauty retailer that houses over 500 brands and thousands of products.

The Impressive Career Of Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the CEO, President and Chairman of Nabors Industries Ltd, a drilling contractor of oil and natural gas. Anthony joined the company in 1991 and has served at different levels. He is in charge of the strategic and general operations of the firm. Under his management and leadership, the company has grown massively and has become a world leader in oil, gas and geothermal industry. It operates in more than 20 countries globally. When he joined the firm, it was just recovering from bankruptcy and by 1992, a year after he joined, the company had recovered and its stock value had significantly increased.

Anthony joined Nabors Industries in 1991 as the president and Chief Operations Officer, a position he held until 2011. He rose to the position of CEO in October 2011 and was appointed as Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board in June 2012. Before he joined Nabors Industries, Petrello worked at Baker & McKenzie law firm from 1979 to 1991 where he specialized in taxation, general corporate law and international arbitration. He was a Managing Partner at the firm’s New York office since 1986 until 1991 when he resigned. Anthony is also a director at Stewart & Stevenson LLC and of Hilcorp Energy Company. He holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics from Yale University as well as a J.D. degree from Harvard University.

Anthony Petrello is a generous man and he has donated to several charities and causes. He is a member of the Texas Children Hospital’s board of trustees. Anthony and his wife, Cynthia Petrello have an eight-year- old daughter , Carena Petrello who suffers from periventricular leukomalacia, a condition she was born with, which has led to developmental delay problems. Anthony has made large donations towards the research of the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute to help his daughter and those who suffer the same condition. He also serves as a board member at Periwinkle Foundation, a charitable organization that assists children and adults suffering from cancer.

Anthony Petrello is undoubtedly a brilliant manager and leader who has made a remarkable impact in all the companies he has worked at. Through his hard work, innovation and creativity, Nabors Industries Ltd has achieved a competitive edge in the industry. It is no wonder he is one of the best paid oil and gas CEOs in the US. In fiscal year 2015, Petrello’s calculated salary was $27,663,602.

Clay Siegall: Shaping the Battle against Cancer

Dr. Siegall is a key researcher & specialist in oncology matters, and the president & CEO of Seattle Genetics, an association with wide experience in drug improvement, research and scientific advancement. Clay has a broad knowledge and mastery in therapeutic medication advancement and doing research in cancer. Siegall pursued Bachelor’s degree in Zoology from Maryland University in addition to Genetics Ph.D. at George Washington University. The achievements enabled Siegall to have a solid establishment in biotechnology field with his career portfolio getting rich on daily basis. Sometime recently, Siegall operated at National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute & Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Later, he assisted in establishing Seattle Genetics right after leaving Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. His basic drive for the establishment of Seattle Genetics was to cater for the gap in the field of oncology. Moreover, he has rolled out different key improvements in that very field.

Presently, Dr. Siegall has over 70 products with his name, has 15 licenses and is a member in various boards for various pharmaceutical organizations and cancer research enterprises that fuse yet not obliged to Alder Pharmaceuticals Inc, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical & Washington Biotech. Under his initiative, Seattle Genetics created Adcetris – Brentuximab Vedotin which is an anticancer medication and that is antibody-based. The medication got certification from FDA and it is used as a part of the organization of untreated or the recently dissected Hodgkin lymphoma. More so, the drug has been approved for use in more than sixty countries. Adcetris was produced in a joint exertion with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. The organization endeavors didn’t stop there. At this moment, they are working on other anti-cancer products with 33A being part of the same and utilized in curing myeloid leukemia.

Subsequently to Dr. Siegall achievements and that of organization, it is basic that media outlets have been talking about of his accomplishments. In addition, he is usually part of the hot topics in social media, medicinal services and business online journals. The summary entails however not confined to Bloomberg, CNBC,, Business Insider, & In blog, Siegall is depicted as a great example and key pioneer to other biotechnological associations. Likewise, depicts the specialist as driven and one who is represents an incredible role in research against cancer.