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The New Reebok Deal will Cost Donald Cerrone 60K a Fight

With the announcement of deal between the UFC and Reebok, fighters alike are unhappy with the deal and have expressed their concern. The deal between the two giants will mean that fighters will no longer be able to wear their own sponsor’s apparel into the ring. Cerrone, who will be taking on John Makdessi at UFC 187 this Saturday, will stand to lose $60K per fight because of the new deal starting in July.

Fighters, who were originally allowed to wear approved sponsor apparel, will now have to wear a Reebok uniform when they fight. The gear will also have one UFC mandated sponsor to accompany it. The UFC has however agreed that fighters will still get paid for wearing the gear. The fighters will get paid based on a tier system and will determine how each fighter gets paid. It will be based on years of experience and championship. The payout will range from $2,500-$40,000.

Cerrone stated that he will be taking a pay cut because of the deal and instead of making $60K per fight he will be making $20,000 to $22,000 per fight. The folks at Boraie Development LLC noted, at least for Cerrone, he currently has sponsorship with Budweiser and Fram. The two companies are UFC affiliated sponsors and Cerrone will be allowed to wear their apparel. Luckily for him, it will help him recoup some of his losses.