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Op-ed: Clean power and good move for Economy and Environment


Last week, Reno City Council voted support for Clean power Plan. This program will help our country move toward a renewable and clean energy and away from the dirty coal power. With this vote, the council has become an important entity in the region to support clean power plan, joining numerous private companies. These voices have come together to press our society toward a better cleaner energy through clean power plan. A new, sustainable, diverse, healthy growing economy rests on us to provide the opportunity for the region. This clean energy program will realize the economic growth of our country. The leading companies in this transition are keeping the required pressure on our leaders and utilities. This time, we need truly clean energy.

The time to demand much from the leaders we elected is now. We do not just ask for compliance but rather actual leadership. This region will lay an example and become the leader in adopting the clean power plan for the 21st century and create a stronger and healthy economy. We need to ask the officials we elected to use a rational and long-term thinking and not to heed to interest groups. Through clean power plan, we will be able to realize a vibrant and healthy economy. The clean energy topic is, however, political. It is about the stern reality of the poor quality air we and the increased drought and forest fires in this region. It’s about the truth that is immutable about our country’s contribution to hemisphere and climate woes. We can reverse this by the fact that we have a chance of accepting the clean power plan.

Andy Wirth was born on 25th July 1958, and he serves in the hotel and mountain resorts industry. He is the current CEO and leader of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. For 25 years now, Wirth has been working in the Hotel and mountain resort industry. He commenced his career with Steamboat Springs in 1986, and he has held numerous leadership and marketing positions at Steamboat. He holds a bachelor’s of science degree from the University of Colorado.

Andy Wirth Pens Op-Ed Regarding Clean Energy

It makes sense for someone like Andy Wirth to step up in support of the Clean Power Plan, which was voted on and supported by the Reno City Council. Wirth is, at his core, an outdoors-man who knows the importance of a healthy environment for both his business and his day to day life. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, Wirth has seen the Reno area boom in the past five years thanks to his work bringing tourism into the region. The Clean Power Plan was always going to draw some conflicting reports, but Wirth took time to write in to the Reno Journal-Gazette to clear the air with his support.

Wirth didn’t waste any time in showing his unflinching support of the Clean Power Plan. He rightfully pointed out that a clean environment was needed and necessary for the Reno City area. In order to back up this assertion Wirth pointed out the environmental issues that are becoming all too common for those living in the area. He pointed to the low quality of the air that residents breathe, the wildfires that have swept over the region, and the way that the coal burning plants have made massive additions to their already large carbon footprint. Wirth said that “the time was now” and that their city, their region, could be forward thinking by continuing to support the CPP.

Wirth knows that in order for there to be long term success with clean energy that the public at large needs to be on board. Wirth pleaded with the readers of the Reno Gazette Journal and implored them to push their support onto every level of the government, from local legislators all the way to Congress. With support from the county residents there can only be long term success.

Andy Wirth knows how treating nature can cause you to be treated well. As the owner of a world class ski resort Wirth has his value tied into the quality of the environment. With huge companies like Microsoft

Andy Wirth Takes Out Column To Support Clean Energy

Andy Wirth has been a big part of Reno City for the past five or so years, ever since he took control of Squaw Valley Ski. As the owner of Squaw Valley Ski, Wirth has watched his business flourish all while bringing in tourists to the area and helping the industry flourish. After his appointment to the Reno City Airport Board it only made sense that Wirth would get more involved in the local government and how it effects the world around him. When the Reno City Council voted in support of the Clean Power Plan Wirth knew that he had to speak up and put his voice in the choir of support. Wirth put out an op-ed column in the Reno Journal-Gazetteto make this happen.

The Clean Power Plan was inevitably going to gain scrutiny for a whole host of reasons, not the least of which is the general misunderstanding of climate change and carbon footprints. Wirth isn’t one of those business owners who finds himself on the short end of the stick of understanding. Instead, in his op-ed we saw Wirth deliver a passionate monologue on the importance of the Clean Power Plan because of the good it will not only bring the region, but the environment as well. Wirth said that the Reno City Council, when choosing to support the CPP, was helping to move society “towards clean energy” and he closed his statement by stating his applause for their actions.

Wirth says that times are changing and that a booming economy can be had for the residents of Reno City. Wirth pointed to the progress the city has already made for clean energy and he thanked the bigger companies out there for leading the way: Tesla, Microsoft, Apple. Wirth pointed out how important it was for the private sector to be involved in clean energy because it kept pressure on utility companies and the elected officials who need their support.

Squaw Valley Ski has been Wirth’s project for the past five years and he’ll continue to cultivate the company as he pushes for more involvement with the local government. Wirth was recently appointed to the Reno Airport Authority Board.