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Norka Luque isn’t Just a Singer

It is hard to imagine a sultry beauty up on the stage being anything but a singer, but that is the case when it comes to Norka Luque. She was not always a singer and she had aspirations in other career fields before she made the decision to become a singer. This meant that she was able to achieve many things before she actually became a singer. There were several things that she needed to do when she first began her career and very few of these actually involved singing. She is a professional who is a professional singer but also a professional in other fields.

Norka began her career by going to business school. She wanted to study business administration and her parents sent her to France to find the best business school for the specific subject she wanted to study. They knew that she would be able to get the best education there and they did their best to ensure that she was given every opportunity that she wanted. They knew that she was destined for big things even though they weren’t exactly sure what those “big things” would involve. They imagined it would be something with singing but they wanted her to be able to feel like she had the opportunity to choose any career that she wanted.

That is what she did. She chose yet another career after she graduated from business school. The business degree was not good enough for her and she wanted to take her education yet another step farther. She wanted to study the culinary arts in France where she had initially attended business school. She felt that this was her calling but it turned out to be another flop. She tried again with fashion but hit a wall with what she wanted to do yet again.

While she was studying, she met a band who was looking for a female singer. She knew that she could sing well and had always had big dreams of being a professional singer but she never imagined that it could actually happen. The band that she met gave her this opportunity and allowed her to meet with producers. She even collaborated with some and was given the chance at a record deal. She is now one of the most famous Venezuelan singers in the world and she is recognized as a global symbol in the singing world.

Lovaganza: The Traveling Convoy

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.

Lovaganza is going to revolutionize cinema, and entertainment–at least that’s the promise. Principal photography and screen tests have been completed for three films of a planned nine-film trilogy. Substantial backing must be behind Lovaganza, and that makes sense when one considers one of the most prominent articles concerning them comes from Yahoo Finance.

To understand why Lovaganza has so much involved in it, one must first understand what Lovaganza is. In a nutshell, it’s a global revitalization of the World’s Fair, but with modern highlights. Highlights which include 3-D, but no need for glasses. It’s a new technological advance so game-changing, Lovaganza suspended release. Initially, this event was set to take place in 2015, but due to the breakthroughs, it has been pushed back to 2020.

Before 2020, the engineers of the Lovaganza machine are intending to vamp up interest by doing a traveling “convoy” show in 2017. As it turns out, a “convoy” features on prominently in at least three of the motion pictures that will be part of the nine-film saga of Lovaganza. Between now and 2020, three major releases of feature films will take place. At the traveling event, and at the main event in 2020, the new 3-D technology will be featured. But the main event will be so much more than 3-D.

Lovaganza’s saga of films are meant to embrace cultural eccentricities from across the world. They are meant to embrace the peoples of the world in all their shapes and sizes. Likewise, their technological advances at the main event will be designed to emphasize and encourage this cultural unity. It really is going to be a huge event; it’s set to take place for four months in eight strategic locations around the globe. Locations will be included in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and The Middle East.

Just what exactly the core of Lovaganza is has yet to be revealed, though the buzz is getting louder. In just four months, 2017 will be upon the world, and Lovaganza that much closer to being unveiled. It will be interesting to see what this traveling show is like, and even more interesting to see the main event. If the indications of available news media are correct, then what happens at the traveling show and main event for Lovaganza will be something beyond anything moviegoers have ever seen; something designed to be more than just viewing a film.

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