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The Advertising Results Get Announced By Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is serving as the Executive Chairman of PodcastOne. Tom Webster is serving as the VP, Strategy of Edison Research. Now both of them got together and did some comprehensive studies on five major consumer brands with regard to their advertising through podcasts. These were five products while the rest five were in the service categories.

They made use of the pre-campaign along with post-campaign brand strategy. It was done for those who advertised through podcasts. This is a study that was conducted in 2016.

It came up with amazing results as podcast advertising was clearly making a positive impact on the issue of brand recall. It would lead to a big impact on the intent to purchase. Next aspect that was noticeable was regarding the recall of highly specific messaging.

This is why Norman Pattiz outlined the key findings of the study as he could understand its importance for the podcast advertisers.

While measuring post campaign, it was realized that 60% of listeners were able to recall a specific grocery brand. This number had been 7% while doing the pre-campaign study.

Next was the awareness about unaided products. This was 47% for products in financial services while it was 37% for the ones in the automobile market. This increase was 24% in case of a garden product when it was compared to the figures in the pre-campaign.

It was in 2016 that Edison Research did three studies for PodcastOne. This helped them to know how podcast advertising worked for these five brands. While some of them were well known, there were others that were lesser-known.

Hence online surveys were conducted before the advertising campaign that was done through a podcast, and then again after doing an advertising campaign through the podcasts. There was the same methodology being used each time. These results showed that podcast audiences were more willing to purchase the brands.

Norman Pattiz has a core focus on verifying that advertising is impacted through podcast format. This way a much higher brand impact can be achieved that is much beyond the one that can be done through the traditional advertising media. This can be like a boost that can provide a multi-tiered approach that will help in enhancing integrated advertising.

Tom Webster had also conveyed his excitement when he partnered with PodcastOne for measuring the impact of podcast advertising independently. Hence such a methodology was used to give accurate results.

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