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The growth of CCMP Capital and the Stellar Leadership of Stephen Murray

History and Growth of CCMP
CCMP is a private equity firm with a global presence spanning four continents. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital began operating as an independent firm in August 2006. The company’s initials CCMP, reflects a long chain of heritage organizations that form part of its long history. The New York City based firm specializes in buyout and growth of equity investments in four critical industries; Energy, Industrial, Services, Retail/Consumer and Healthcare sectors. In the media and telecoms service sector, the company has invested in a broad range of services including content publication, cable, programming, broadcasting, wire and wireless communication.

Under the industrial banner, the company’s investments are focused on manufacturing, automotive, chemicals and distribution services. In the larger energy sector, the company has invested heavily in oil exploration and production as well as in power generation and production of renewable energy. CCMP also continues to invest in the healthcare sector, specifically in the area of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. The companies under the CCMP portfolio include; Aramark, Quiznos Subs, SafetyKleen Europe, Jetro Cash & Carry, Latigo Petroleum, Vetco International and LHP Hospital Group. CCMP typically invests in companies, whose enterprise value range between $500 million and $3 billion.

In October 2015, CCMP completed the acquisition of Shoes for Crews, soon after it acquired a controlling stake in the company. Shoes for Crews is a renowned maker of high quality safety footwares for hospital and industrial workers. In July 2014, the company acquired Eco services for $890 million. Eco Services is one of the leading producers of sulphuric acid in the US. Earlier in March 2010, the company acquired inforgroup for $460 million in a deal that was paid in cash. Today, CCMP asset portfolio stands at a record $12 billion. Some of the key personalities, who have overseen the growth and expansion of CCMP over the years, include Greg Brenneman, the current company CEO and the late Stephen Murray, who served as President and CEO of the firm.

Stephen Murray
Stephen Murray was a visionary private equity investor and renowned philanthropist. He passed away at age 52. Murray kick started his career in the business and finance in 1984, when he was part of a team that took training in credit analysis at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation. After several years in various corporate management positions, Murray was named the CEO of CCMP in 2007. Murray received his degree in economics in 1984 from Boston College. In 1989, he received his master’s degree from Columbia Business School. Murray was also a keen supporter of various community organizations and causes, including his Alma Mater. The organizations include the New York based Make-A-Wish Foundation, Stamford Museum, Columbia Business School and Boston College.