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Lime Crime’s Red Lipstick Meets Riverdale Popularity

If you’ve been wondering how Madelaine Petsch manages to stand out in every single scene as Riverdale’s local heartbreaker Cheryl Blossom, MTV recently spilled the beans on exactly what product is used to give her that fire-engine pouty look.

The signature “Cheryl Blossom Look” that dominates her scenes on Riverdale actually comes from Lime Crime and their relatively affordable and cake-named Red Velvet

lipstick. Red Velvet comes from their Matte Velvetine and is a vanilla scented and richly pigmented color chiefly inspired by the look of Red Roses.

Lime Crime offers their looks as being touch proof and kiss proof, making it line up with the kind of person who never knows where the night might take them, whether it’s a simple outing among friends when you’re looking to turn heads or heading out into the darkness of the night like one Cheryl Blossom herself.

All Lime Crime makeup is absolutely vegan and cruelty free, so those looking to complete or make their own Cheryl Blossom look only need to worry about turning heads and not hurting the environment.

Lime Crime’s own Venus Eyeshadow palette would be a great fit for those looking to round out their own personal style with a little bit of a throwback to the show itself, with eight robust grunge-esque colors all packaged together in a mirrored, kitschy display box.

You may also consider Lime Crime’s Pink Lemonade palette Out of their 90’s retro-toy inspired collection is five colors that go perfect right above Red Velvet lips – ensuring that your entire look can be as cruelty free and vegan as your lips are and perfect whether you’re falling into the arms of a lover or turning heads on your daily night out.

It’s no wonder Cheryl Blossom herself prefers the Red Velvet lips, and you can make the look work yourself and stay 100% cruelty free at the same time.