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How Crowd-sourcing has Catapulted Fabletics to Great Heights.

Online shopping has revolutionized the business world in recent times. The increased digitalization of business activities means enterprises have to look out on how they are being perceived online. As such, any lousy commentary or rating will affect a company negatively. It is effortless for consumers nowadays to research a product or service. This feedback in turn, influences the decision-making process of people. The effect on the purchase decision is called the power of the crowd. Unlike in the past where brand name and quality influenced consumer choice, this time round customer feedback has become a significant factor. Brands have noticed this trend and are employing marketing strategies to reap positively from it.


Fabletics is an athleisure wear brand that started up as an e-commerce company that has snowballed within a short time. In just three and a half years, it has over one million active subscriptions and reports revenues of over $235million. Customer experience is critical for them being an online store, to attract new customers and retain their current ones. One of Fabletics success points is in the use of customer or crowd reviews. Customers now trust reviews as much as they would believe in recommendations from friends. Majority of people agree that a firm’s reputation is an essential consideration before engaging in business. Crowd-sourcing encourages the brand to stay in check by maintaining high levels of transparency, and in return, this creates loyalty to a name. With the review option, Fabletics can understand customer preferences better and can come up with new ideas and recommendations. This interaction fosters a healthy relationship that in turn helps to retain customers.


One of the people who has championed for Fabletics to improve on its customer service is Kate Hudson. Together with her business partners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, they have provided excellent customer service that has grown Fabletics to what we know today. Kate, who is an actress by profession, shared the same dream of having an affordable, stylish and quality athleisure brand in the market. She agreed that yoga pants should be accessible to lure more people to exercise and stay fit. To address the concerns about most of their items being sold out, Kate and her team upgraded their data system to ensure they always have an accurate inventory. This upgrade affected the customers positively and even improved Fabletics ranking in Better Business Bureau.


One of the factors that stands out for Fabletics’ success is its data-driven technique to satisfy customer needs. Using the response from customers, the manufacturing section can come up with designs and quality that the customers appreciate. With this data, even production is streamlined as they can determine which models to begin with. Kate Hudson‘s decision to team up with the already established TechStyle Fashion Group saved her big time in regards to funding, resources and the required experience in the field. This partnership enabled sharing of resources, efficiently cutting down costs. With over 22 retail stores, Fabletics is set to expand its market share, and Kate has emphasized on the use of crowd-sourcing positively to help achieve this.

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Kate Hudson of Fabletics Uses Crowd Input to Grow Business

It is factual that the new era of marketing has seen more inclined towards the decision of the crowd. For most consumers, client review on the interface has a direct impact on the purchasing intent of other clients. That is why for online marketing platforms, there has been an increasingly supportive platform based on the decisions and intent of customers to purchase. One such brand that has embraced the effects of crowd on purchasing and marketing is Fabletics. The company that was founded on the basis of empowering women who need to lead healthy lives has progressively used customer preferences to stock their physical stores.




Fabletics is a work-out clothing brand that was established by Kate Hudson. Since its establishment, Kate and management have relied on client reviews to make critical marketing decisions. According to social proof, a concept embraced by economists, the crowd concept dictates that numbers play an instrumental role in influencing buyers. For example, consumers may refer to Google for a product before visiting a restaurant. Depending on the information on the ground, the likely hood of making a decision that favors a certain brand increases. Companies that invest in the feedback offered by crowds have since marked a tremendous growth. Fabletics continues to rank high following its investment on the crowd movement. The power of the crowd has since enabled the firm to grow by 200% since it was founded.





According to the sales manager of the firm, Fabletics has grown because of its passion for ingesting client reviews. People focus on the number of positive reviews in order to decide on what best to purchase. When the numbers rise, the sales rise. Aside from the rise in sales, crowd power helps the company to retain clients. It is factual that will such loyalty come a huge client base. This client base directly translates to the annual sales.





Reviews act as a spotlight for prospective customers. Studies continue to show that people hold reviews in high regard. This is because for a client to endorse a product, it must be of high quality. In the studies, approximately 80% of the candidates stated that reviews have a direct impact on their intent to purchase. Out of these candidates, 50% admitted to browsing the internet in search of client reviews that have been appended to the products they want to purchase. It therefore means that clients refer to online reviews before heading out for shopping.





For most companies, trust alone is not enough to grow a brand. The input of your users makes a huge difference. Reviews continue to expand businesses based on the high ranking a company receives from users. For Fabletics, the management depends on client reviews before making critical stocking decisions.





Kate Hudson is a model and actress. She endorsed Fabletics in 2013. In as much as she is not an entrepreneur, Kate has applied her talent to establish a work-in-progress brand. Fabletics has registered excellent growth since it was established. Through her leadership, the company focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles in women. Kate’s passion is embedded in encouraging women to live healthy lives by exercising. Driven by this passion, she established a million dollar clothing line that is not only comfortable but also affordable.

Demi Lovato Takes People From The Mall And Other Fashion Outlets to Fabletics

For the average person, shopping for clothes can be relatively easy. They don’t put too much thought into their look. For the most part, people try to look like everyone else. While they are playing it safe with fashion, this doesn’t guarantee that they will fit in with everyone or even avoid ridicule. However, the marginalized are faced with a sense of dissatisfaction with themselves. On top of that, they may be even a little bored with their current look. Some people have a sense of style that they want to explore. Unfortunately, the malls are not guaranteed to have the type of style they are interested in.


Demi Lovato understands the frustration of finding clothes for those that are interested in fashion. Those who have a different sense of style have to look throughout different stores in order to find something that is somewhat close to their style or even something that can be adapted to their style. Fortunately, women have Fabletics. This type of store offers items that they can’t find in any other store. The clothes that are offered are the types of products that capture the imaginations of people that want to show society something unique.


Fabletics is very serious about style. After all, it is one of the brands of TechStyle, a company that wants to influence the trends of the world. TechStyle has plenty of other brands that are very serious about offering something that is unique and stylish to men, women and children throughout the globe. The staff work on the designs of the clothes so that they will bring forth something that people can’t get anywhere else. This allows people to build their own world. It is also easier for people to enjoy their own company. When they are clothed in beauty, women feel more valuable.


Given that Fabletics is also good for leisurely activities such as dating, women can expect to attract potential dates and mates with the styles that are offered with the Fabletics brand. One of the biggest goals that Fabletics has is to help people learn to appreciate themselves. Demi Lovato is willing to help with that given her experience with low self worth, she does not like the idea of anyone suffering from it. This is one of the reasons that she has a message for people that are dealing with debilitating feelings of lowliness. She wants to present the image of someone who has overcome these feelings.

The Future Belongs to Amazon’s Next Rival Fabletics

According to statistics, a quarter of the fashion e-commerce belongs to Amazon; however, a new company is catching up fast. It is no other, but Fabletics by Oscar-nominated Hollywood actress Kate Hudson. It has been three years since Fabletics was launched, and today, it is a multi-million-dollar business. The secret behind its success is activewear and the use of reverse showroom technique. The company generates sales by combing favorite brand of the customer with his membership.


A decade ago, a high-value brand was defined by its quality and price. Today, the situation has completely changed. It is the time to leave behind old strategies and work on elements like publicity, excellent service, gaming effects, reliable customer service, and special designs. Because of these elements, Fabletics has become as good as Warby Parker and Apple. Fabletics is operating sixteen outlets in four different states of the US, and the next is about to open.


Fabletics’s General Manager told media that his company is focusing on the development of high-value and reimagined brands since it was founded. He explained that the company uses membership system to tailor its services and provide newest fashion trends at lower prices. A company can only make its customer happy when the management knows the customer’s choice.


During the last decade, several fashion businesses failed. The customers explored their showrooms but chose to buy products from cheaper shops. Fabletics decided to use a strategy which was totally the opposite. Instead of making browsing a negative thing, the company has made it a positive thing to develop relationships with clients. Fabletics did not go to the pop-up store, so it is more reliable for the customers. For understanding the domestic market, the company participated in several events and activities. The results of these efforts were outstanding. Whenever customers were visiting an outlet of Fabletics, half of them were members and quarter more became members on the spot. When a person is trying an article, it is sent into his shopping cart. To provide customers with the choice to purchase products from anywhere, Fabletics has kept retail separate.


Since its creation, Fabletics has always shown the correct information of the products in every form. Customers always like a company that provides the right information. Digital information is useful for deciding what to keep at the outlets because trends and tastes keep changing. To collect this information, Fabletics use real-time sales activity, social media, customer choice, and heat-mapping.


Customers have very good reviews about Fabletics. One of them is a blogger named Teri Hutcheon who admires the way Fabletics does business. When she became a member, Teri was asked to take a detailed survey that asked about her workout plan and the outfits of her choice. Every month, Fabletics chooses an outfit for her during the first week. Fabletics makes a choice by using the information she provided on the survey. Tori Hutcheon said that the quality of the products is great. There are several styles, and one gets a lot for just fifty dollars. The website is easy to use, and customer service is fast.



Taking on Amazon and other Industry Giants; the story of Fabletics

It is common knowledge that when it comes to online retail of fashion related items, shops like Amazon control almost a quarter of all the sales. This is perhaps because they have been around for a while and they have fine-tuned their service to the needs of the customer. To see new and upcoming fashion brands take on industry giants is both refreshing and intriguing. Yet, with only three years in the business, Fabletics has managed to break the glass ceiling and is giving Amazon a run for their money. So, how does a new comer in the business manage to pull such a move in such a short period of time?

Fabletics is part of the growing movement known as Active Wear. When the business model was conceptualized, the founder, Kate Hudson was looking for a business model that would sell stylish clothes to clientele who like the gym, working out and the fit lifestyle in general. In the past high- value brands have been defined by two things, cost and the value of the goods. As long as the quality was great and the customer was assured that what they were buying was trendy and unique, they didn’t have issues spending on it. However, this dynamic is really changing because everyone has brought their A game to the industry. In order to make it, one needs a combination of customer experience, brand recognition, and exclusive design. These are the qualities that Kate tapped into and the results have been fabulous.

The team at Fabletics has been likened to Apple and Warby Parker because of their smart business strategy. This year, the shop plans to open in sixteen physical locations to add to what they currently have in places like Illinois, Florida, California and Hawaii. Gregg Throgmartin says that their secret for success lies in their ability to re-imagine a version of a brand that is both high value and friendly to the user’s pocket. Using their model, their customers are able to feel on trend and elegant, but not break the bank to achieve this.

The concept of reverse show-rooming

This is one of the marketing tactics that have proven very effective for Fabletics. Normally, you will find customers browsing for an item, liking it and then buying it somewhere else, especially if they can save a few extra dollars. To avoid this show-rooming, they decided to make retail just a part of the overall experience. This means that when a customer walks into one of their shops, they are already a member of their store and when they make a purchase, it goes into their online cart as well. They have therefore successfully managed to avoid being the place where one looks for the cool brands that they can go and buy lookalikes for elsewhere.

About Fabletics

This shop was set up five years ago. They provide women with trendy clothes such as yoga pants, leggings, joggers and other items of active wear at a very attractive and affordable cost. The store was previously online based but has been opening stores all over the country. Currently, they are making a net profit of about $250 million annually.

Fabletics’ Fabulous Activewear

Kate Hudson is a bright and bubbly Hollywood star who always manages to look chic and polished. That includes when she’s wearing sporty attire. That’s why she’s the co-founder of Fabletics, a brand that specializes in accessories and sportswear. The blonde actress opened up to Marie Claire magazine about her newest Fabletics project. The brand has released a collection of dresses that have comfortable and cool “athleisure” feels. Hudson told the publication that these dresses are perfect for women who want to be comfortable, relaxed, sporty and still stylish. Hudson said that the athleisure dress collection focuses on women who are active and who are constantly on the move.

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That’s not all Hudson has had in the works recently, either. She also has a brand new collection of bathing suits that are optimal for women who are all about performance at These swimsuits are ideal for women who are full of boundless energy and vitality. Women who are passionate about swimsuits that are simultaneously attractive and “all business” may find these new Fabletics additions exciting and useful.

Hudson heads Fabletics with the assistance of both Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. They’re the brand’s co-CEOs. They teamed up with Hudson in 2013 to create the activewear powerhouse that’s now known as Fabletics . Fabletics was introduced to the United States in the fall of 2013. It arrived on European shores several months later in July of 2014. It then got to Canada in September of that same year. Although Fabletics is primarily centered around women, it doesn’t leave men out. The brand created FL2 in the summer of 2015. FL2 is a collection of clothing that’s exclusively for men.

People often shop for Fabletics attire on the Internet. They have other options, however. Fabletics opened six physical stores in the United States in September and October of 2015. People who want to shop for Fabletics apparel in person can now easily do so. These stores are located in St. Louis, Missouri (St. Louis Galleria), Bloomington, Minnesota (the Mall of America), Cincinnati, Ohio (Kenwood Towne Centre), Woodland Hills, California (The Village at Topanga), Bridgewater, New Jersey (Bridgewater Commons), Newark, Delaware (Christiana Mall) and Columbia, Maryland (the Mall in Columbia). These physical stores all sell clothing for female and male customers alike.

Fabletics produces a broad range of different clothing categories. The brand makes everything from capris to leggings, for example. The brand also makes sports bras, tank tops, shorts, pants and so much more. Fabletics’ choices in accessories include backpacks, thong underwear, head wraps and visors. People who want to complete athletic and chic wardrobes can count on the Fabletics team for all of their attire and accessory needs.

JustFab Has an Amazing Collection of Stylish Summer Outfits

With the summer and uncomfortable heat associated with it approaching, it is the perfect time for people to begin preparing their wardrobe and getting them ready.

With a JustFab membership, clients are entitled to discounts, price waivers, and free shipping services. The online subscription retailer designs outfits that address unique culture and climate needs of people residing in different parts of the world.

Printed romper is one of the JustFab’s outfits to add to the wardrobe this season. It’s cute, and long sleeves give it a modern and classic look. Although the printed romper displays a significant amount of skin, it is not revealing. Pretty pastels are perfect for summertime. For the folks residing in Miami, pinks, lilacs, and baby blues complement the bronze tan.

Summer’s greatest trends

Lingerie-inspired dresses give women a feminine look while the light off-the-shoulder blouses are flattering. The loose fitting blouses are the best for the summer wardrobe. Distressed denim shorts gives women a perfect summer look.

Emphasize on comfort

According to The Curvy Fahionita, JustFab avails a collection of unique outfits and classic boots. Therefore, clients can purchase summer clothes and accessories they are comfortable to wear.

Benefits of VIP Membership

Clients who subscribe to JustFab’s VIP membership are updated on special offers on a monthly basis. New styles are displayed on the website after every month. Additionally, members can enjoy personal styling created by the company’s experienced and trained stylists.

Clients can become members free of charge. In case an outfit does not fit, a member can exchange it free of charge. The shopping choice solely lies on the shopper. Members can avoid monthly charges by clicking on the “skip the month” icon. Those who are not satisfied with the membership can cancel it by calling the member service team.

About JustFab

JustFab is strategically located in Los Angeles and has fantastic access to trendy outfits and fashionable items, including a team of experienced Hollywood stylists, trendsetters, and industry insiders. The online subscription retailer releases stylish outfits on a monthly basis.

The costumes are designed after a thorough consideration of fashion needs and lifestyles of women. Its inventory consists of shoes, jewelry, denim, and handbags. Clients can buy products via the online platform and enjoy an incredible shopping experience. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler founded the company in March 2010. Other online subscription brands under JustFab included ShoeDazzle, Fabletics, and FabKids.

JustFab entered a deal with ShoeDazzle in 2013, which saw the merging of fabulousness and dazzle to form one of the biggest fashion subscriptions in the e-commerce industry. The two companies are headquartered in Los Angeles.

The parent company, JustFab Inc. has over 33 million members across the globe. JustFab expected to raise more than $400 million through sales in 2014. The new monthly collection comprises of shoes, apparel, accessories, and purses.

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