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IAP Worldwide Services Further Grows To Serve The Government And Private Entities

IAP Worldwide Services has been working on problems presented by clients in different specialties like aviation and security for more than five decades. The company was founded in 1953 and has established a unique service that ensures their clients enjoy quality services that are offered by highly experienced and trained professionals. To raise their professional conduct, IAP Worldwide Services offers regular training through their online portal to ensure all their staff members are equipped with the best practices that are required in the industry.

Support to the Army
One of the areas IAP Worldwide Services has emerged a victor is in working to help the troops of the Army based overseas to perform their tasks. The company helps the troops by providing the needed aviation and logistics support and they have been doing so for more than three decades.

They are the most preferred choice by the government for the task due to the quality they offer and the great understanding of the field the professionals of the company have displayed. The government has vowed to extend the relationship due to the fact they are the best choice for austere environments where the troops regularly request for support.

Emergency response
During risks and situations that threaten the lives of people, IAP Worldwide Services comes in to save lives and property. The company works with a focused team of professionals who have been in the industry for more than three decades and they have a training section that allows their professionals to access necessary materials to sharpen their skills. Providing assistance during situations like natural disasters and crises allows the company to implement their ideas that are unique and designed to offer quick responses to demanding situations.

Logistics and chain supply
Transporting goods and people from one place to another takes a lot of effort and dedication to achieve an efficient operation. IAP Worldwide Services offers logistics and supply chain services that ensure easy transfer of goods and they have safe repositories for all kinds of merchandise.

Business acquisitions
As an expansionary measure, IAP Worldwide Services acquired several businesses. One of the businesses that were bought over recently is DRS Technologies, which deals with logistics and aviation support. IAP Worldwide Services also offers emergency response and technical services, so acquiring it would mean expanding the addressable market of IAP Worldwide Services. IAP has been working on expanding their reach and they are on their way to becoming a fully international entity.

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