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Rising Hype About Investment Banking

Not many people today choose investment banking as their career of choice. But what does that even mean? It is one of those careers that are not self-explanatory.

An investment banker offers advice to bigger and smaller corporations. They work with governments as well, and their primary task is to help raise money within the capital markets.

They also work as advisers in finance and mergers. Their success can be directly linked to the performance of financial markets. One person who chooses to have this as a career is Igor Cornelsen.

People at the moment don’t know his name outside South America, but his success and his personal story are worth reading about because people can learn from him.

Being born and raised in Brazil, Igor Cornelsen is passionate about his country. He worked for different Brazilian firms, and after the Banking sector could not offer him anything more, he chooses to leave to focus on investing.

His knowledge about the stock market helped him work with clients and provide advice. He knows how much dedication long-term investing takes.

During his long career, Igor Cornelsen gathered information and educated himself about the different investments. He is the go-to person for people who need a second opinion. Cornelsen is always straightforward and honest. His counsel is necessary for banks and big businesses. One of the companies he advised is Burger King.

He is one of the advocates for investment banking. He finds the career rewarding and Igor. Both small and big business deals are critical and equally important. It helps people become better at communication and gain a deeper understanding of banking. Read more: Igor Cornelsen gives you the basics on Brazilian banking and Igor Cornelsen fala sobre os bancos brasileiros e o que fazer antes de investor

Ability to work with people is more important than the capacity to work with numbers. Understanding about business trends comes with experience. This career allows people learn something new every day.

Igor enjoys golf and is passionate about helping other people understand his job as well. He wants to help communities in Brazil as well as Southern California where he spends some time every year. His leadership is inspirational for young people who are only considering their possibility of a career in investment banking.