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A Bellator Fix

Bellator 138, which was held last Friday in St. Louis, Missouri, featured MMA legend and UFC Hall of Famer ken Shamrock taking on Youtube fighting sensation turn MMA fighter Kimbo Slice. Despite the fact that Shamrock is 51 years old and has not fought in over four years, the rating for the event was the best ever for Bellator with roughly 2.4 million viewers. It seems that Bellators strategy is to find washed up fighters that were once the greatest in the sport and pit them against each other. One of Bellators previous events featured former UFC champion Tito Ortiz against Ultimate Fighter Alum and UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonner. The event which took place last November also had strong ratings.

Despite the ratings for the fight between Shamrock and Slice, there has been a bit of controversy since the fight. The fight itself only lasted three minutes and the Amen Clinic noted that Slice knocked out Shamrock towards the end of the first round. Early in the first round Shamrock secured a tight rear naked choke on Slice and to some it appeared that Slice tapped out. Shamrock also states that he thought Slice tapped out and that is why he loosened up on the hold which allowed Slice to escape. Some, including UFC announcer Joe Rogan, believe the fight was fixed. Rogan stated that from the moment that they started towards the ring that something just didn’t seem right. One can only assume that Belllator already has a Shamrock vs. Slice II in the works.