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The Intricacies of Administrative Law

Adminstrative law is the branch of law that oversees all of the governmental workings and makes sure everything it does is in the best interests of its citizens. In this role, administrative lawyers will oversee monetary assistance programs like Welfare Assistance, Food Stamps, and Hardship Relief. In these efforts, this branch of law will also oversee the creation of government programs and agencies. Persons in administrative law will also supervise and oversee individual persons in governmental offices.

Many mistakenly think that administrative law and the judicial branch of government (U.S. Supreme Court) are synonymous. However, the role of the Supreme Court is to make final rulings on laws and interpretations of the Constitution. In this manner, their rulings become the base of legality. Those within the administrative law arena must guide their own work based on these rulings and rulings that are still under consideration. Being the governmental intercessor on behalf of the citizen is not the administrative lawyer’s only concern.

They also work as intermediaries between employers and employees. In this branch of law, the strategy is not always the same from case to case. These types of lawyers will actually work for the company for employee relations and as well as helping with the legalities of other business matters. One such lawyer is Frans Schoeman on slideshare who works for Phatsima Diamond Corporation. Schoeman began his legal career in January 1990 as senior partner at Jaubert Schoeman Attorneys. He remains there to this day and has so proved himself that he has added two other companies to his resume. He continues to work at both with a short tenure at another.

Almost six years ago he joined the staff of TG Minster. The South African lawyer continues to serve as the chief legal director and supervises all company merger proceeding, acquisitions, drafting, and negotiations. In April 1999, Schoeman joined the staff of Attorney Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwala Inc as a senior partner. However, he was only with the company a little over a year. Schoeman has been with Phatsima Diamond Corporation for the past nine years. He has proven himself so capable in the position that he now runs its day to day operations of the Angolan mining concession.

Persons like Schoeman who are experts in administrative law, take into consideration that every case and individual is unique. Administrative lawyers will tailor it to the needs and desires of his or her client’s needs and desires. There are unique specifics that will always exist between the thing in question and the laws regarding it. In addition, the laws themselves are sometimes amended. Administrative lawyers will definitely want to take these changes into consideration. A person seeking legal action should inquire concerning whether or not his or her case would be best handled by an administrative lawyer.