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Joseph Bismark is a Pioneering Businessman


I read a recently published article on Joseph Bismark’s blog about a man I found quite interesting. I found that man to be a visionary business man who is pioneering a new way of doing business that no one has ever thought of trying. His new method is based on mixing spirituality and business so that a harmony between the two is formed. That man is himself, Joseph Bismark.

Bismark’s story begins when he was an adolescent. When he was young he cast away his life of luxuries and riches so that he could study as a monk in the Philippines. During his time spent studying as a monk Bismark learned much about spirituality and how it applies to all aspects of life. A major thing he learned while studying as a monk was that the values and ideology of spirituality could be combined with business. So upon completing his study Bismark applied what he had learned to the realm of business. Bismark’s profound way of doing business eventually earned him a great amount of success. Even though he had gained so much success he remained grounded. He continued to live a simple and humble life while doing his best to retain his humility.

Bismark openly shares many of the principles he lives by that helped gain him the success that he has. One such principle is to be completely open with your employees. Make sure that they feel that they can trust you and this will lead to better overall morale. Another principle is to have beneficial interactions with your team. The more a leader interacts with their team and gets to know them on a personal level the better a team will work together. Bismark also emphasizes the importance of being dynamic. It is no secret that the business world is constantly changing and Bismark advises against being stuck in your ways as this will surely not lead to success in the realm of business. These principles among the many others Bismark follows give me reason to believe that he is pioneering a new way of doing business.