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New Metallic Colors That Are Very Popular This Fall

Doe Deere pulls out all the stops with her new fall colors that have become very popular and are only available for a limited time. She is now offering her customers new metallic velvetine matte and superfoil products. Ladies can transform from a bright summer to a relaxed fall mood. You don’t have to worry about dull colors for the autumn season because Lime Crime has the leading sultry colors that are great for any season changing mood. PRN Newswire has reported that their new fall collection is causing them to become oe of the largest growing cosmetic retailers in the industry.


Lime Crime Founder and CEO Doe Deere came up with the idea for her cosmetic line when she use to try on her mother’s attire and makeup and didn’t like the dull colors that she was always forced to use. Over time, she thought of colors that she would like to try for herself and knew that she would eventually have her other cosmetic line. Her signature line is known for bright colors and their velvetine matter contents. They go on soft and dry to perfection. Their eye shadow products also come with a wide variety of matching lipsticks.


Lime Crime is a revolutionary product line that has a variety of accessories, clothing, and shoes, most of which available on Amazon. Her makeup line transitions well from night to day and is waterproof, but still very easy to remove. Her foilescent collection is sure to make your winter and fall go by without a glitch concerning your makeup. Deere says that she wants the women that wear her makeup to be daring and dry other colors that may be great for their attire by trying Lime Crime. Doll’s Kill offers free shipping to Canadian residents for a limited time and all of their products can be conveniently shipped to your door. Each product comes individually packaged in its unique individual wrapping. There is a number of women across the world that continue to rely on the Lime Crime name for dependable cosmetics that are healthy for their skin.  For up to date news, follow them on social media, or bookmark the official Lime Crime blog curated by Doe Deere here:

FreedomPop Has Cell Phone Plans And International Calling Plans

If paying up to hundred dollars or more a month for cell phone service is not something a person wants to do, then they have choices. The person doesn’t have to sit and continue paying the ridiculously high prices that some of the other service providers are charging. With FreedomPop’s free services, a person can get completely free cell phone service on a smartphone or iPhone. Even the unlimited service can be used on the smartphones as well, and both services can save a person a lot of money. FreedomPop has created this service to fill the need of those who want low-cost cell phone service, especially if they don’t want to sign a contract. No contract is necessary with FreedomPop, and a person can cancel their plan at will.

Cell phone service is everywhere these days, but not every provider is fair in what they charge their customers. Some service providers will easily charge customers over $100 a month for a single line, and this can be extremely expensive. FreedomPop offers free cell phone service as well as low-cost, unlimited cell phone service. For only $20 a month, a person can get unlimited talk, text, and the Internet on their smartphone, and there’s no need to worry about additional bills. FreedomPop on fortune should be the only choice when it comes to cell phone service.

Many people have chosen FreedomPop as their service provider because of the fact that the prices are low, and the service is good as well. Those who have a cell phone with another carrier can possibly transfer it over to FreedomPop, so they don’t have to be concerned about paying for another phone altogether. FreedomPop has the latest cell phones available today, including Galaxies. Tablets are available as well, and the tablets are great for those who want to access the Internet on the go as well as having an alternate form of a laptop. FreedomPop has other services that can help those who want to save money, including Wi-Fi service, hotspots, and international calling plans.

FreedomPop has great international calling plans, and each person can use the cell phone service they have with FreedomPop, and they can still call internationally and save money. The FreedomPop international calling plan is included with regular service, so that means no additional plan is necessary unless a person is calling a country that’s not on the list of 50 free countries available on the calling plan. Other countries that are not included in the calling plan can be accessed for a low price when a separate calling plan is purchased from Freedompop. No matter which international calling plan is chosen, the user is guaranteed to save money.

Bellator Copies The UFC, But Lacks Talent

Bellator 138 was a very successful MMA event, and thousands of people around the world tuned in to see Ken Shamrock face Kimbo Slice. However, Bellator 138 featured several great fights that caught the attention of the MMA fans, and one thing was a bit strange about the entire Bellator event.

According to Daniel Amen, Bellator seems to be copying everything that the UFC does, and it’s a bit scary. It’s one thing to have a similar arena style, but it seems that even the people who run the UFC have clones in Bellator. For instance, Joe Rogan is a bald headed commentator that jokes around for the camera, and Bellator hired someone with the same exact appearance of Joe Rogan. Not only are the commentators nearly identical, but the presidents of both companies look similar as well. Many people around the world know that Dana White runs the UFC, and everyone knows him as a bald headed tough guy. However, Bellator also has a president who looks identical Dana White, and I’m having a hard time believing that this is all a coincidence.

The UFC is the most successful organization in the world, and Bellator wants to make people believe that their company is the same as the UFC. Someone who has never seen MMA before could get fooled. However, there’s one thing that Bellator cannot replicate, and that’s the skill of the UFC fighters. Bellator may have some impressive MMA athletes, but the fighters in the UFC are on a different level. Nonetheless, Bellator is a decent fight promotion, but everyone knows that the UFC is where its at. recently published an article about this story, and much more information about Bellator can be found there.

Matt Landis: Notre Dame Lacrosse Superstar

matt landis lacrosse

As the 2015 NCAA Lacrosse season drew to a close, one player stood out and far beyond the pack. Matt Landis led his team’s defense to nearly shutout the Albany Great Dane’s Lyle Thompson, who gained only a single goal from 11 attempts in the final game of the season. He is credited with being the most effective player for Notre Dame, leading to the college’s victory, final score: 14-10.

His heroic drive this season did not go unnoticed. He received 4 top-level awards for this season: Atlantic Coast Conference 2015 ACC Defensive Player of the Year, he was nominated for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award, named the William C. Schmeisser Award Outstanding Defensive Player of the year for college lacrosse, and finally Landis landed the Epoch and Lacrosse Magazine Player of the Week, recognition of his victorious defense against Lyle Thompson. Matt Landis is the first player in defense to win the Epoch/LM Player of the Week, this year.

The William C. Schmeisser Award is named after William C. “Father Bill” Schmeisser, who was a coach and before that a player in the early 1900s, for Johns Hopkins University. All this has fulfilled the promise of his performance above and beyond, noted throughout the year. He has remained steadfast and driven in helping Notre Dame earn the number one seed in the ACC championship. What Landis holds for Notre Dame’s future in lacrosse is yet to be seen. This is only his junior year at the college. His senior year should prove to be most interesting, to say the least.

Top Earners from UFC 187

UFC 187 was a star studded event and featured two titles on the line. With many fighters unhappy with the pay structure of the UFC, we will take a look at the winners and losers in terms of money. Let’s just say that it pays dividends to be a big name in the UFC.

The main event featured a title fight between light heavyweights Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson to determine who would claim the vacant belt for the division. The fight lasted only three rounds out of the possible five, when Cormier caught Johnson with a rear naked choke towards the end of the round. When it was all said and done, Cormier walked away with the belt around his waist and roughly $180,000 in his pocket. Finance guru Kevin Seawright, claimed that the loser, Johnson, walked away with a cool $500,000 in his pocket. Not a bad payday for losing the fight.

The co-main event featured a bout between UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort. The champ retained his belt and earned himself a $500,000 pay day, while Belfort walked away with roughly $300,000.

The top fighters earned some really high numbers, but there were some lesser known fighters on the card who did not earn quite as much. The bout between Rose Namajunas and Nina Ansaroff featured the lowest pay of the night. Namajunas earned roughly $27,000, while Ansaroff earned only $8,000. On top of that, Ansaroff also forfeited 10% of purse for failing to make weight.

Former Boxer Found Dead In Gym

Tony Ayala was a great boxer in his time, and he had a record of 28-1 before his career was all said and done. However, Tony Ayala ran into a lot of troubles during the course of his career. When he was 22-years old, he was found guilty of sexually assaulting a school teacher. Tony Ayala was sentenced to 15-years in prison, and he had to serve them without question.

Keith Mann has learned that, after his time in prison, Tony Ayala returned to the boxing world. Tony was a tough fighter, and he was known as the “little bull.” However, his life outside of the ring ruined everything that he accomplished inside of the squared circle. Even after his prison sentence, Tony Ayala was convicted of raping a 13-year old girl, but he was later found innocent of the crime.

Tony Ayala was a sick man, and he never got the help that he so desperately needed. Tony Ayala was found dead at the age of 52 in a boxing gym. A syringe and a bag of heroin rested next to his dead body. Police have confirmed that Tony Ayala died of a drug overdose. For more information on this sad story, visit The New York Times.