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Marquez VS Pacquiao 5?

Juan Manuel Marquez is a very skilled fighter, and he is the last man to defeat Manny Pacquiao convincingly. A few years ago, Juan Manuel Marquez knocked Manny Pacquiao out-cold in their fourth fight, and many people were expecting to see a fifth fight between the two warriors. Unfortunately Juan Manuel Marquez never granted Manny Pacquiao a rematch, and many people were extremely upset with Marquez.

Manny Pacquiao defeated Juan Manuel Marquez three times, and he still gave Marquez many chances to get revenge. However, Juan Manuel Marquez finally won a fight against the Filipino, and Marquez never returned the favor. Now, it seems that Juan Manuel Marquez wants to step back inside of the ring, but there are no exciting opponents for him to face. recently revealed that Juan Manuel Marquez is seriously considering a fifth fight with Manny Pacquiao.

Boxing fans were very pleased to hear this development, and we should see the matchup sometime next year. Unfortunately, who knows how Pacquiao will look after a such a long layoff. Pacquiao is currently recovering from a torn rotator cuff injury, and we are all hoping that the real Manny Pacquiao returns. Some fans at the Vue NJ and The Aspire New Brunswick are worried that many Pacquiao will look similar to the way he did against Floyd Mayweather, and we all know that Manny Pacquiao was a one-armed fighter in that bout.