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Paulie Malignaggi Continues Hating On Manny Pacquiao

Paulie Malignaggi truly hates Manny Pacquiao, but many people are confused with his hatred. I don’t know anyone that hates Manny Pacquiao, and that includes Floyd Mayweather. However, Paulie Malignaggi continues to disrespect Pacquiao, and his recent radio appearance on Yahoo! Sports made me sick.

For those at the Amen Clinic who missed it, Paulie Malignaggi has continuously claimed that Manny Pacquiao is on performance enhancing drugs, but that accusation has never been proven. Manny Pacquiao just fought Floyd Mayweather, and he didn’t fail a single test. In fact, Manny Pacquiao was tested more times than Floyd Mayweather, but Paulie Malignaggi failed to see that. Also, Paulie Malignaggi feels that Manny Pacquiao’s injury was not real.

Leading up to the Mayweather fight, Manny Pacquiao suffered a torn rotator cuff injury. However, Paulie Malignaggi feels that Manny Pacquiao is just making up excuses, but he is clearly wrong. Manny Pacquiao received surgery right after the Mayweather fight, and he barely threw any right hands during the fight anyway.

Paulie Malignaggi is a bum, and I would love to see him fight Manny Pacquiao. Freddie Roach is very angry with Paulie Malignaggi, and he has offered the Pacquiao fight to Malignaggi. However, Paulie Malignaggi has declined the fight, and he claims that Manny Pacquiao is still on steroids. Not only is Paulie Malignaggi full of hot air, but he is also a coward as well.