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Mix and Match With Beneful

Wet food or dry? No one really has to choose with Nestle Purinastore products. With all of their varieties, a pet parent can feed their dog their own custom combinations from their many flavor varieties.
If a dog is already a fan of Beneful’s Original with Chicken Dry Food Variety, why not dress it up with a spoonful or two of Beneful’s Romana Style Wet Medley, that has chicken, carrots, pasta and spinach in a delectable sauce?

If beef is a dog’s delight, try Beneful’s Original with Beef topped with a scoop of Tuscan Style Medley with beef, carrots, rice, and spinach.

For active puppies getting used to the big world of dog food, Beneful’s Healthy Puppy dry food with real chicken can be blended with Incredibites wet blend with chicken, tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice for a perfect bite sized texture and lots of great taste.

Senior dogs may still enjoy a bit of crunch but can’t handle dry food alone, so mixing a scoop of Beneful‘s Playful Life Dry Blend, made with real beef & egg accented with blueberries & spinach, with their favorite Beneful wet meal variety gives them the variety of unique flavors with added texture.

Beneful‘s handy resealable containers make it easy to serve their wet blends on their own, or a portion at a time. Either way, Beneful’s dog foods has the important nutrition a pet needs to stay healthy, while satisfying their taste buds and cravings for variety.

Don’t forget the treats! (see, Beneful makes Baked Delights dog cookies as well as Healthy Smile Dental Ridges. Beneful’s Baked Delights come in fabulous shapes and flavors, such as Stars with bacon and cheese. With so many types of dog snacks, a dog could have a different treat every day of the week.

As Beneful can be found right at your local retailer or Wal-Mart supermarket, it’s easy to stock up on a selection of Beneful dog food products and dog treats to give any type of dog a customized meal every day.



You Might Wish That Dog Food Was on Your Menu

Every dog owner is familiar with the look of longing that he or she will direct at the dinner table. But the Daily Herald recently reported on a surprising trend that might turn things around. The story begins with a tour of gourmet food. As many owners of such establishments do on occasion, one of the high powered executives took a quick bite of some of the food. He quickly remarked that the turkey tasted just like thanksgiving. And it’s not too hard to imagine a dog looking on in envy at that meal. But the twist is that the food is intended for a dog, and that this was a case of a human sampling high quality food that wasn’t intended for him. This might be surprising to some. But the article continues on to showcase just how common the trend of gourmet dog food has become. It’s really not so unusual these days for some of the ingredients in dog food to be something that people would look at with some envy. In fact, the slogan of a recent advertising campaign highlights that fact by boldly proclaiming “he’ll have what you’re having”. But high quality ingredients aren’t as new to the industry as many people assume. For example, a high quality dog food brand called Beneful has been adhering  on Amazon to that philosophy since the company’s very beginning. The intent was simply to create the best tasting and most nutritionally beneficial dog food possible. The company quickly realized that the same things that make a great meal for people would also apply to dogs. Beneful noted that humans and dogs alike preferred meals made with the freshest ingredients. But they also understood that any flavor in isolation is less than ideal. A person might like grains, but they wouldn’t want that as the sole item on their plate. Dogs are similar and enjoy a rich variety of flavor in their meals. As such, Beneful decided to create dog food which could combine the different flavors of their all natural ingredients to create something both delicious and healthy for people’s furry friends.