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Riding Around with Greyhound

Normally, people ride the Greyhound bus as an affordable way to get around the country. May be they were on a budget and did not want to spend a lot of money traveling. Oftentimes, people do not feel compelled to create a project that revolves entirely around Greyhound.

However, Doug Levitt is not a typical passenger of Greyhound. Also, Doug Levitt has not lived a conventional life. In fact, Doug Lewitt is a former CNN war correspondent with a knack for art. Aside from being an artist and a former journalist from Los Angeles, Doug Lewitt is a Jew from a middle class background. For the past 13 years, Doug has traveled around 120,000 miles across America using the Greyhound bus.

What makes Doug Levitt’s perspective unique is the type of people he met while using the service. More than often, Doug encountered some relatively sketchy people. In fact, Doug encountered what he referred to as the “underbelly” of our society. Normally, Doug ran into ex-cons, neo-Nazis, and so forth. In 2004, Doug Levitt’s adventurous life played hand in hand with with John Kerry’s campaign to court registered voters. Eventually, riding the Greyhound bus would become a way of life for Doug Levitt.

In fact, he once spent seven consecutive weeks using the Greyhound bus service. In particular, Doug Levitt’s project speaks for a sect of our society that is normally silenced. His experiences gave voice to the voiceless.  No one would have thought in a million years someone used the Greyhound bus services as frequently as Doug Levitt. Not only would it be time consuming, it would also be tiresome.

Gallo Goes Vineyard In Opener

After a terrible start to the MLB season, the Texas Rangers may see those yellow roses bloom again.

The Rangers called up twenty-one year old power phenom Joey Gallo on Tuesday. The former first round pick, a third baseman, will take Adrian Beltre’s spot on the roster as he recovers from injury. Gallo wasted no time ingratiating himself to the Ranger faithful in Tuesday’s tilt versus the Chisox, going three for four with a mammoth home run in a win for Texas.

The former first round selection looks to help turn things around for the 27-25 Rangers. The long-time doormat Astros lead the division at 33-20, but look primed to fade. The Rangers have won their last four as Gallo joins Prince Fielder in the middle of the lineup. He has been told he will be sent to the minors upon Beltre’s return.

Fans at FreedomPop know that Gallo has impressed in his three years in the minors, hitting 22, 40, and 42 home runs, with a .268 batting average. He is in the vanguard of young power hitters to hit the majors this year, along with the Dodgers’ Joc Pederson and the Cubs’ Kris Bryant, who have also put some new dents in league stadiums.

His callup came a little late in the season to warrant talk of Rookie Of The Year honors, but the future looks a little brighter today for Rangers fans.