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Dana White vs. Brendan Schaub over Reebok Deal

The recent announcement of a sponsorship deal between the Ultimate Fighting Championship, AKA the UFC, and Reebok has not gone over well with many of the UFC’s fighters. The deal, according to Yahoo Sports, contends that fighters will be paid based on their championship status and UFC tenure. Depending where they fall on the scale, fighters could see anywhere from $2,500 to $40,000. Of course, many of the fighters are not happy with this deal because it essentially killed off a money making avenue for the fighters by not allowing them to wear apparel from any other company.

Brendan Schaub, a former professional football player and a contestant and finalist on the Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights, recently took to Twitter to express his position on the Reebok deal. Schaub was asked by a fan Paul Mathieson on Twitter what his thoughts were on the Reebok deal and he stated that he made over six figures in each of his last six fights. Dana White on the other hand would disagree with Schaub’s statement. White recently appeared on TNS’s Off the Record and discounted Schaub’s claims that he has made six figures in each of his last six fights. White further went on to say that the deal is good for everyone involved, including the fighters.

Schaub would later appear on Joe Rogan’s Podcast and state that he is not lying but it also does not good to prove it. White is a mutual friend of both Dana White and Brendan Schaub.