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Finally, a Chance at Life For The Disabled

It is always a very sad situation when a child with a disability like autism gets told that they can’t compete in certain activities because of their disability. The Jersey Hammerheads are changing that now for kids with autism. It gives these kids a sense of motivation and accomplishments. It fulfills their lives and creates a feeling of normalcy and belonging for these unfortunate children.

The Jersey Hammerheads is a new kind of swim team. This swim team is specifically designed and motivated for children of all ages, that have been diagnosed with autism. This finally gives these children a reason to want to pursue a more healthy and independent life style. Children with autism are training for Special Olympics and are getting a chance to enter and compete in the national USA Special Olympics. Kevin Seawright, who works with Tito General Contractors, feels like this is a great step.

There s a new film that documents the swim team. You can view this short video for more information, It shows what the Jersey Hammerheads swim team is training for and how they are training. It also includes special interviews of coaches, partners and some of the team members thoughts about the swim team and how it is affecting their lives in a positive way.