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Life Line Screening – According to the Chief Medical Officer

Lifeline screening provides services to detect health problems early as a means to circumvent a full-blown health issue if the problem is allowed time to worsen into a much greater health issue – sometimes with a catastrophic outcome. Life Line Screening is dedicated to catching issues on the preventative end of the equation rather than the diagnosis phase after the issue has ballooned.

In a recent interview of Life Line’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Andy Manganaro, he outlined the general mission of Life Line and how and why they came to be. According to Manganaro, physicians all share a basic frustration that our current health care system doesn’t operate to incentivize preventative measures and wellness. He says, prior to Life Line Screening, “doctors were put in a terrible spot and had their hands tied“. Manganaro plainly states that Life Line arose out of a necessity for doctors to have an avenue to tests and screening that insurance companies simply won’t pay for. Insurance companies won’t pay for a screening ultrasound as a preventative measure – but only a diagnostic ultra-sound once there is a problem that is fully advanced.

In order to get tests to get a look at the carotid artery, the patient must have had a mini-stroke. Doctors were left with three fairly uncomfortable options; allowing suspected conditions to further develop until they become diagnostic tests covered by insurance, conduct earlier screenings but pass the outlandish bills on to the patient or make up symptoms that the patient doesn’t actually have to force in insurance company to pay for it – clearly unethical. The ability to screen patients for hundreds of dollars rather than thousands and thousands of dollars saves both vast amounts of money and lives.

Life Line’s Three types of Screenings:

Ultrasound screenings

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm screening
  • Carotid artery disease screening
  • Ankle-brachial index screening
  • Bone mineral density screening

Finger-stick blood screenings

  • Complete lipid panel screening
  • Glucose screening
  • C-Reactive protein screening
  • Elevated liver enzymes screening

Limited Electrocardiograph.

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John Goullet – Highly Talented IT Recruiter and Head of Diversant LLC

John Goullet is known as one of the pioneers in the IT recruitment sector, and the IT recruitment and staffing solutions that he has innovated and implemented for his clients continue to be the benchmark in the IT industry till date. He started out as an IT consultant in the industry and worked for many IT firms in the first few years of his career. Some of the companies John Goullet used to work for are TSR Technology, Piscataway, Cap Gemini, and more.

However, while working for some of these top IT companies, he noticed that there is a dearth of IT talent in the industry and most of the companies are always looking for more IT consultants and executives to no avail, or with great difficulty. It is for this reason, John Goullet decided to switch to the IT recruitment and staffing industry, and in just a few months of leaving a full-time job, started his own IT recruitment and staffing firm named Info Technologies.

The company managed to scale great heights of success in a short period and also won some of the Fortune 500 companies as its clients, which helped the firm to grow and expand at an exponential pace. The firm did extremely well in the field and was known as the market leader in the IT recruitment sector in a short period. The company also devised unique recruitment strategies for its clients that helped the clients to get top talent quickly and also assisted in reducing the attrition rate in their organization.

However, the IT sector went through transformation and evolution in the next few years and witnessed the emergence of many new players in the business. John Goullet understood that for Info Technologies to continue to lead from the front and keep the competitive advantage over its counterpart, a merge is essential. It is for this reason Info Technologies merged with Diversant LLC, where John Goullet holds the post of Principal Executive at present. He helps the firm to gain new accounts and implements strategic business development measures that help the company to expand and grow at a consistent pace in this competitive IT sector.

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Why Everyone Should Be Using Social Media Apps

Most people are well aware of popular social media websites like Twitter and Facebook. These sites make it easy to connect with loved ones and friends even if they are living clear across the world. While using social media websites is a great way to connect with people, it is even better to be using the social media apps that go along with these sites. Most social media sites have their own app that can be downloaded to either your smartphone or tablet device. These apps allow you to connect your social media account to stay in touch even when you’re away from your computer.

The best thing about social media apps is that the vast majority of them are completely free to use. For example, one of the most up-and-coming apps is known as Flipora. Flipora is a social media app that helps users discover the Worldwide Web around them and meet people who share the same interests and hobbies as they do. This particular social media app has been mentioned in both the New York Times and on CNN because it is seen as having a lot of potential similar to many of the popular apps and sites that you are probably already using.

With social media apps like Flipora, you can stay in touch with the world even if you’re sitting in a bus hundreds of miles away from home. You can post pictures and videos from your mobile device while on the road for your friends and family to see. You can also check messages and chat with your group of friends without needing a keyboard sitting right in front of you. In general, it is quick and effortless to download these apps to your mobile device, allowing users to easily sync their accounts with their phones or tablets.

There is never a wrong time to start using social media to enhance your life. Sites like Flipora are growing in their popularity because of the fact that these apps are helpful to those who need better connecting with the world around them. Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on email and hoping to run into your friends or loved ones to catch them up on your life. Now, your loves ones can see pictures and videos that you post within seconds and comment on everything that they might want to talk about.