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Bruce Lee VS Chuck Norris: The Ultimate Battle

Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris are two of the greatest kungfu movie stars of all time, and they appeared in only one film together. Kungfu fans remember that Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris fought each other in the ‘Way of the Dragon,’ and many people feel that the battle between Norris and Lee was the greatest on-screen kungfu fight of all time. Screenrant recently made a list of the 10-greatest kungfu fights of all time, and Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris came in first place. However, many people are debating who would win in a real fight between Bruce and Chuck.

Some people think that Chuck Norris would destroy Bruce Lee, and it’s not without reason. Chuck Norris was a legitimate karate champion, and his skills earned him Hollywood roles. However, it should also be noted that Bruce Lee was a legendary fighter himself, and he even wrote a martial arts book, which today’s MMA practitioners live by. Picking a winner in this fight is actually a bit harder than one would think.

Chuck Norris has a high level karate background, but Bruce Lee has the ability to adapt to any situation. Bruce Lee was training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the early seventies, and Jiu Jitsu didn’t become popular until the nineties. In a hypothetical matchup, I would choose Bruce Lee to defeat Chuck Norris. Boraie Development recently told NJBiz that they feel that Bruce Lee is too fast and unpredictable, but there is a chance that Chuck Norris could knock Bruce out cold with a kick. However, I strongly believe that Bruce Lee would beat Chuck Norris.