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Julie Zuckerberg is a Seasoned Recruiter

Executive recruiting is not a skill that everyone can take on. Some people have the ability to distinguish between people that can successfully do the job. Others cannot. Julie Zuckerberg has proven that she is one of those people that has made it to senior levels in the executive recruiting field because she has the skills do this type of work. Her ability to sort out the professionals that have the skills to do the job will make her a real asset to any industry.


Zuckerberg has made a great dent in the world of recruiting in the banking industry. She has gained the core of her experience at Citibank. This is where she has spent more than 6 years gaining great experience as a Vice President and Talent Recruiter. Her role in the business world has become very important because she represents what the business world needs. She is essentially in a place to put talented teams together. She has been trained in doing this, and that is a big part of the reason that Julie Zuckerberg has been successful in doing this.


What Julie has done well is build contacts and consult with executives that are already thriving in these fields. She has made herself quite popular by building recruitment strategy plans. Zuckerberg has been able to make quite a career for herself after attending the City University of New York. She has also attended New York Law School. She has become educated at some schools that have given her the confidence to build a solid career as someone that knows how to interact with others.


Over the years she has been able to recruit things like managing directors and paralegals. She has recruited hiring directors. She has been able to bring in all different types of talent over time because she had made it her business to learn about different industries. What she may have been able to do better than most recruiters is transition from the role of recruiter to trainer. She is in a position where she is able to actually help train other people that are working as recruiters. This shows that she is so good at what she does that she even has the ability to hold others.


Julie Zuckerberg has made it possible for people to acquire great jobs. She has taken her skills in talent recruiting and helped people utilize their talents.