Dave Bautista is The Kurgan


Dave Bautista is quite the villain these days. He first achieved fame as a heel (bad guy) in the WWE years back. Now, he is playing “heavies” in major motion pictures.

Bautista is playing bad guys in the new James Bond movie SPECTRE and the remake of Jean Claude Van Damme’s classic film Kickboxer.

Yeah, Bautista does make a perfect bad guy. He is big and mean looking on television and in the wrestling ring. On interviews, it is pretty obvious he’s a nice guy. He is also a great choice to play the vile, brutal character of The Kurgan in the new Highlander movie.

Rebooting Highlander has not exactly been easy. Perhaps this is par for the course considering the strange history of the series.

The motion picture series had its ups and downs, but it built a strong fan following on Facebook that I noticed Zeca Oliveira was in on.The television series was successful and the theme of an immortal Highlander getting into a lot of sword fighting mayhem surely appeals to action fans.

Attempts to bring Highlander back to the big screen have stalled and, as of right now, there is no star attached to play the lead role. (Ryan Reynolds bailed out to star in the Marvel Comics’ Deadpool movie) The series does have a really great actor to serve as the villain.


Jermain Taylor Needs Help


Jermain Taylor was once a great middleweight boxing champion. In recent years, Taylor has had his share of difficulties in and out of the ring. In 2007, Jermain Taylor was brutally knocked out by Kelly Pavlik. Taylor would continue to lose, and he would continue to get knocked out by his future opponents.

Jermain would begin a terrible downward spiral in his personal life as well. On January 19, he was arrested for threatening a family with a handgun. Taylor has been evaluated by many psychiatrists, and they have said that he needs advanced physiological help. The psychiatrists also say that Jermain Taylor should not be sent to prison. He needs real help, and a prison will not help his future.

Boxing is a sport in which the athletes are hit in the head hundreds of times in a match. Jermain Taylor has been viciously knocked out in his last few fights. Many studies have shown the link between chronic brain trauma and extreme aggression. The discussions on reuters.com that I my friend Brad Reifler and I both get pretty into, are talking like Taylor may be showing signs of severe brain damage. In the past, Taylor was a quiet and well spoken young man. Today, Jermain Taylor is a completely different person.

Head trauma is something that cannot be avoided in boxing. Fighters are encouraged to cause as much physical damage to their opponents as possible.

For more information on Jermain Taylor, visit Yahoo! Sports.

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